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This page is kind of bloated; unless you have a really fast Internet connection, I suggest you might want to look at a more lean and mean version of my personal WWW page.

My new www page is at U. Toronto, e.g. or

Personal hobbies/interests:

My new www page is at U. Toronto, e.g. or

I am a faculty member at University of Toronto, (completed PhD from MIT, degree awarded in 1997; see picture out my window, where I used to live in Cambridge, MA view of Boston, across the Charles river, or a pleasant atmosphere, even in the basement e.g. a long brightly lit corridor with a renaissance sense of perspective, and a laundry room with nice new machines, though the controversial Card Key system was recently installed at Edgerton House, as well as other dorms across campus).

Events or places of interest in cyberspace:

Events or places of interest in physical space:

Contact info: Prof. Steve Mann,
University of Toronto,
Department of Electrical Engineering, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 3G4,
(416) 946-3387

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