Client Pull and Server Push

Client Pull can be used to have live video update in a window every __seconds, because the document is reloaded automatically every __seconds. Updating every 0 seconds refreshes as fast as the computer and network can run.

Server Push: the server sends data any time it wants. For example, if I set WebCam to transmit 2 frames per second onto the 'net, then, provided your computer and net connection are fast enough, you should see 2 frames per second appear. However, it gets more interesting, because I can send video at a nonconstant frame rate. For example, I can send a frame whenever I think something interesting is happening, or I can have a program running that determines if the video signal is similar to the previous signal, and only sends a frame when the signal changes appreciably. For example, if I fall asleep with WebCam running, it might only transmit a frame every time I roll around, tossing and turning in my sleep, sending frames erattically only whenever the WebCam moves or shakes appreciably.

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