After we did the grand finale gala closing event at the TED conference ("origins of cyberfashion"), we did a group shot in the "dusting" genre

Laura wanted to get a group picture of us, so here's a self portrait I took of me with my students. I appear in the lower right with a 2400 watt second hand-held flash lamp in my left hand, directed back at myself and the others. I am remotely logged into my late 1970s/early 1980s vintage base station which is capturing the image. (I am wearing a 1996 embodiment of the WearComp invention which I am using to control the earlier genre of base station.)

Here's another picture of us I captured around 2 or 3 oclock in the morning, in front of convocation hall, with the flashlamp located to the left.

Left to right:
Standing (at back): Felix Tang wearing my old 1970s computer with 900 volt lead acid pack; James Fung with an ENGwear EyeTap helmet; Corey wearing my 1985 8 lamp computer system; Taneem with EngWear EyeTap helmet and early 1980s aircraft landing light controlled by wearable computer system;
Seated on first step: Dan with WearComp2 (1981 system); Jason Boyer with "mirrorshades" (Sicherheitglaeser); Derek with eyeglass EyeTap; Milan with eyeglass EyeTap; Laura with Blind Vision system (a seeing aid for the visually challenged); Peter with eyeglass EyeTap.
Sitting on ground in front: Prof. Mann with WearComp7 (1996 system).

Peter's EyeTap
students, academic year, 1998 and 1999