Electrical and Computer Engineering, ECE1766 Final Course Project: Collaboration in a computer mediated reality environment to produce the lightvector paintings of convocation hall in the virtual world of linearity, superposition, and mathematical operations on lightvectors...

The 12 Photoborgs Participating in the "Dusting Convocation Hall" project (listed in alphabetical order):

Ali Aslani, Dongyi Chen, Graham Chubb, Daneil Friedman, James Fung, Gregory Harmandayan, Omid Jahromi, Eyal Katz Yi Li, Prof. Steve Mann (course instructor), Steven Ross, Ming Sun

Group Pictures of Photoborg Participants

52 54

The Dusting Process (interactive online collection of the data)

20 16 17 11 36 18 43 41

Photoborgs Close-up

22 19 49

Photoborgs Dusting

10 14 45 47
File numbers appear to the right of each image; reference these numbers rather than the order in which the images appear, when referring to one of the files.

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Existential Learning

Existential Learning = ``Learn by being [a photoborg]''

Existential Learning = ``Learn by being'': a step beyond learn by doing

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