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``Smart'' Clothing

Steve Mann, N1NLF
MIT Media Lab, Building E15-389,
20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA02139, Fax. (617) 253-8874


Traditionally, computers, and the like, are situated on a desktop environment and tethered to an AC outlet. Even so-called portable computers are difficult to interact with on-the-move. (Ever tried to type on a laptop while walking down the street?). The proliferation of smart floors, smart devices, and the like suggests an alternative mode of interaction, but these often operate beyond the control of the user, and are not always available within the user's chosen envirnment. The purpose of this paper is to present an alternative framework for interacting with external processes. The goal is to consider `smart people' --- by integrating some of the ``smarts'' into people, the hope is that these ``smarts'', whatever they may be, will be available to the wearer over a greater time-span, and that the wearer will have greater control over their functionality.