Edgerton House Basement Flood, 1996 October 20

This morning, I noticed water in the basement. Water came gushing into the exercise room. A user of the exercise bicycle suddenly lifted up her feet when she realized there was incoming floodwater. (633k jpeg image of exercise room uncompresses to approx 18 megabytes of image data)
I followed the water back to the source where I saw water gushing in through the doors from the courtyard.
(click on image to spawn a large full-color image)
I ran upstairs to call Physical Plant, but wasn't sure their off-hours phone number, so I called security (Campus Police), and they said they'd send an officer over to check out the situation, and told me to meet the officer at the front entrance. There was no desk worker there at the time, so I met the officer and the officer checked out the situation, and verified that it warranted calling in someone to fix the problem. He called in some help on his two-way radio, and shortly afterward, some workers arrived, wearing raincoats and high rubber boots to wade out into the courtyard area. One of the workers carried a long iron crowbar and waded out into the courtyard (load 644k jpeg image which uncompresses to 2036x1545 pixels).
He spent considerable time trying to lift a cover out in the courtyard. When he finally managed to pry it open, a great "waterfall" was created, as the water gushed into the opening: (click on image to spawn a large full-color image)
Inside the cleanup crew worked with water sucking machines that looked like giant vacuum cleaners. (load a 98k jpeg image of the water sucking machine in the corridor)
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