CyborgLogs (commonly abbreviated to 'glogs)

Web logs (weblogs, weBLOGS, BLOGS, as they are sometimes called) have emerged with the advent of the WWW.

An older concept, Cyborg logs (cyborglogs, cyborGLOGS, GLOGS, videolog, vlog, blorg, cylog, clog, borglog, etc..), is that of a personal online diary, that may or may not necessarily use the WWW.

I've been glogging for 30 years, but only in the last 10 years, or so, with the advent of the WWW, have I made the glog a weblog as well.

With Wearable Wireless Webcam, the glog's become a blog.

Serendipity is a key element. Thus even if you don't have a net connection, you can make a sort-of glog by programming your camera to keep taking pictures every 60 seconds or so, and then just wear it and whatever it takes, goes to the glog.

I call it a "stream-of-deconsciousness". No conscious thought or effort should be required. But it's not that you're unconscious (or your subconscious). It's actually a kind of collective deconsciousness.

Here's an example of a cyborglog:

Example of a cyborglog: as roving reporter; (c) Steve Mann, Feb. 1995

feb. 22, 1995: most of my day quite boring, walking to lab, pizza at food trucks etc. around 10pm
i see a fire hose; i'm following it now

looks like must be a fire, fire trucks, shall i go to right for view? (email or talk me in@.. or tnc)

isn't it cool, those on mosaic, world wide web for first time see news as it happens?

no, but i could envision this as a new form of news gathering. i go to make lookpainting of fire truck