This Thursday, January 17, 2 p.m. (same time as ECE1766 class) there's a
screening of a movie about wearable computing and intelligent image
processing (the 35mm feature length motion picture film "Cyberman").

Since they want me to attend this screening I asked about allowing
anyone in the class to attend to get a free screening and they're
happy to allow anyone from the ECE1766 class to attend, so we'll
meet at the movie theatre (Royal Cinema, 608 College St.)
at the time of this next ECE1766 class.  This will also be a good
chance to meet my graduate students who will also be there (and
available for discussion afterwards).

The movie provides a good overview of the material in the textbook,
and many of the mathematical derivations will be easier once one
is aware of the purpose (end result desired).

There will probably be some kind of question and answer session,
or the like, afterwards, so this would also be an opportunity to
get a sense as to how these technologies apply to the real world.

Students who want to present results of optional assignment0 "contest"
can do so after the screening, or if you want a place to store your
computer at University of Toronto, we can arrange that for you earlier
in the day.

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From Farah_Khilji@CBC.CA Wed Jan  9 10:40:34 2002
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 10:39:06 -0500
From: "Farah Khilji" 
Subject: Cyberman Press Screenin

Steve, we would like it very much if you could be in attendance.  Please
let me know.

You are invited to a press screening of.....

"Peter Lynch's Cyberman is a trip through the self-constructed world
that Toronto-based maverick inventor, activist, and artist Steve Mann
has occupied for over 20 years? Shot in multiple formats, incorporating
Mann's own video footage and photographs, the film's form embodies the
proliferation of media and technology that obsesses Mann?What makes
Cyberman unique is its attempt to do what other biographies can't,
literally showing us the world through its subject's eyes? his body even
has its own web address?" Film Comment, September/October 2001

Thursday, January 17, 2 p.m.

Royal Cinema, 608 College St.


Farah Khilji

Tina Verma
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