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Cellphone bullying in schools
-New move against school bullying
-School bully found guilty
-Bullying widespread in schools
-Bullies need help say children
-Nearly half of all students are bullied (01:55)

An internet safety expert has warned schools of the dangers of cellphone text-messaging being used for bullying and harassment.

The director of the Internet Safety Group, Liz Butterfield told the School Trustees conference in Hamilton it is a growing problem.

The widespread use of texting became obvious during recent student protests when students used their cellphones to mobilise other students.

Butterfield says sometimes texting is used for bullying and sending threatening messages.

Butterfield says overseas research shows most such messages come from fellow students.

She says its important that school policies on bullying and harassment now include cellphones.

Published on Jun 23, 2002
ONE News sourced from TVNZ, RNZ, Reuters and AAP
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- Elderly's euthanasia views wanted
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- Grieving father's drug warning
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